Advanced Surf Lessons in Tamraght & Taghazout

Advanced Surf Instructions
About the package
Intense development program for intermediate surfing. This package gives you the opportunity to develop the basics already acquired in surfing and to gain a higher standard.

Accompanied with the best instructors in the region, they will meet with you on arrival to plan and discuss your personal objectives.


What's Included

– 2 structured surf sessions per day
– Daily group transportation to surf spots adapted to your level
– Video analysis after returning to camp to develop your technique and theory (specific training, reading forecast, etc.)
– Accommodation in our hotel in double, suite, triple or quadruple room
– Full board
– Daily Housekeeping
– Photos and videos package presented at the end of your stay

Optional :

– Equipments
– Private coaching
– Yoga classes
– Activities: Surfing on sand dunes, Angling, etc.

Surfing in Tamraght
Surfing in Tamraght
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Frequently Asked Questions

Surf Development
Tips & FAQ

Take advantage of the personalized nature of the Surf Development program by setting clear and achievable surfing goals. Whether it’s mastering a specific maneuver, improving wave selection, or building confidence in bigger surf, having tangible objectives will help guide your progress throughout the program.

Embrace feedback from your instructors and be receptive to constructive criticism. Recognize that feedback is an essential tool for growth and improvement, and use it as an opportunity to refine your technique and enhance your surfing skills.

Progress in surfing takes time and dedication, so be patient with yourself and trust the process. Stay persistent in pursuing your goals, even when faced with challenges or setbacks, and celebrate the small victories along the way.

Take advantage of the expertise and guidance of your instructors throughout the Surf Development program. Engage in open communication, ask questions, and seek mentorship to gain valuable insights, refine your technique, and accelerate your progression as a surfer.

Take time to review your surfing sessions, analyze your performance, and reflect on your progress. Identify areas for improvement, celebrate achievements, and set new goals to continue advancing your surfing skills throughout the program.

The Surf Development package is tailored for experienced surfers who have already acquired basic surfing skills and are seeking to elevate their proficiency to a higher standard. Our intensive development program provides the tools and guidance you need to take your surfing to the next level.

Unlike standard surf lessons, which typically focus on introductory skills and beginner-friendly waves, the Surf Development program is specifically designed for intermediate surfers seeking intensive skill development and progression. With personalized instruction, goal setting, and mentorship from experienced instructors, the program offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience tailored to the individual goals and objectives of each participant.

Upon arrival, participants in the Surf Development program meet with our experienced instructors to discuss their personal objectives, assess their current skill level, and outline a customized development plan. Throughout the program, instructors provide tailored feedback, guidance, and coaching to help participants achieve their goals, address specific challenges, and maximize their surfing potential.

The Surf Development program covers a wide range of skills and techniques tailored to the individual needs and objectives of each participant. Areas of focus may include advanced paddling techniques, wave reading and selection, positioning in the lineup, maneuvers such as cutbacks and bottom turns, and strategies for surfing more challenging conditions with confidence and proficiency

Participants in the Surf Development program have access to additional practice opportunities outside of scheduled surf sessions, including optional drills, supervised practice sessions, and independent practice time. Our instructors provide guidance on effective practice techniques, offer feedback and support, and encourage participants to engage in deliberate practice to reinforce learning and accelerate progression.

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